If you take my First Aid or CPR training, a current first-aid/CPR manual is provided FREE of cost.

Our most popular and affordable first aid kit. Buy kit when attending a CPR class and receive a free CPR Mask.

   1                              Triangular Bandage, Non-Sterile
   1                              4” Compress Bandage
   10                           Cut Cleaners
   9                              Assorted Elastic Hand Bandages
   8                              Knuckles bandages
   1                              Small Ice Pack
   1                              Burn Septic Spray
   1                              Stretch Gauze 2"x 4yd
   1                              Kit Scissors
   1                              Emergency First Aid Card
   1                              Eyewash ½ oz
   1                              Tweezers, Disposable, Plastic
   10                           Pain-Free Extra Strength Pain relief tablets
   2                              3” x 3” Gauze Pads (sterile)
   1                              Soothe-A-sting Wipes
   2                              Patch, E-L, 2" x 3" Ind Strength Adh Elastic
   1                              Tape, 2" x 5yd (Elastic Wrap)
   2                              Medi-Wipes
   2                              Eye Dressing Pads
   2                              Clear Plastic Tape .5" x 2.5yd
   2                              Gloves Latex Large
   2                              Burn Jel Singles

Cost: $30.00



Pocket Shield

If your kit meets all requirements with exception to a CPR barrier or mask

Cost: $6.00



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