Effective January 21, 2011

Effective December 4, 2010

The Washington Department of Health adopted regulations affecting osteopathic physicians and podiatrists. In both cases, in those offices where surgeries take place, new regulations require that someone trained in ACLS or PALS be present. For podiatrists, the person must be certified and must remain until the patient is discharged from the office. No restriction was indicated as to the ACLS or PALS training program used. The regulations went into effect 1/17/2011 and 1/21/2011, respectively.


Dental offices in Washington using any level of sedation or general anesthesia have new regulations to follow with regards to automated external defibrillators (AEDs). A regulation adopted in November requires that all dental offices have an AED be within reach of an emergency within 60 seconds. This could require larger practices or those in shared suites to increase the number of AEDs they have on site. 




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